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Monday, May 04, 2009

Valley School in Huntsville To Close After 148 Years

It is no secret that Huntsville's very own multi-century landmark, Valley School, will be closing soon. To celebrate the 148 fabulous years, Valley School is hosting a closing open house this Saturday -- a closing open house?

There are many events planned for this weekends celebration, and of course we will provide a one stop shop with more details than you ever wanted to know.

Here are the details of the open house being held at Valley School:

Saturday May 9, 2009
Open House: 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Program: 6:00 to 6:30 p.m.

School tours (including the basement), Presentation of historical pictures, Display of school Memorabilia, Timeline, and Pictures/DVD of past plays & events. Favorite Lunch Cookies will be served. If you have school memorabilia to share, Please contact Jeaniel Sauer at Valley Elementary School (801) 452-4180

The editors of the Standard felt this was a significant enough event that they paid reporter Di Lewis BIG money (or at least we hope so) to write a few stories for Sunday's front page. She did a great job although we doubt any BIG money changed hands.

If you are in to nostalgia or have any sentimental feelings toward Valley School, we recommend you pick up your own copy of yesterday's paper.

While some from the dark side may simply think it will be so much nicer to have a brand new school close to the metropolis of Eden, those who grew up at Valley know there was something VERY special about that ole' school. Something that cannot be replaced for $14 Million.

Before we get too teary eyed, we will toss it over to Di!

Huntsville's Valley School closing after 148 years of classes (be sure to watch the video by clicking here)

Anecdotes of Valley School and its famous basement
(Over the past 37 years, many Valley kids have been fortunate enough to say Candy (Inama) Facer was their teacher. Some parents were even fortunate enough to have been in Miss Inama's second grade class, only to have their children also taught by Mrs. Facer. In this article, Candy explains what makes Valley so special, but the irony is that Candy is one of a kind, and to MANY, Valley is special because of her.

Click here to take a tour of the infamous basement

Additionally, the Town of Huntsville apparently made a "full court press" attempt last year at convincing the School to build their new school on the present Valley School site, and there is a powerpoint of their presentation viewable by clicking here.

Lastly, the Valley School class of 1979 is having their 30 year reunion Saturday in conjunction with the open house. The organizers have asked us to help spread the word, so if you are a parent, sibling, neighbor or friend of any of the classmates, then please spread the word. They would have graduated from Weber High in 1982.

Click here to view the Class of 1979 web site

We will now open it up to our humble readers.

Do you have any memories of the School?

What say you humble Valley School Alumnus and others?

Click below to share your comments.

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