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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Major Developments Proposed For South Side of Valley

The long anticipated post Olympic development boom has hit the valley hard and Huntsville is the latest target. The South side of the Valley has somehow escaped the rampant growth so prevalent in the Eden and Liberty area. With the exception of the Ski Lake, Green Hills and a few isolated areas, the growth on the south side of the past few years could be considered sporadic. UNTIL NOW!

Several projects are in the planning stage. One of the largest, Bison Creek, was the cover article of the latest (12-15-2006) issue of the local Ogden Valley News. According to the article, the planned subdivision is 458.868 acres and consists of 150 lots. The cluster lots could be as small as 10,000 square feet (less than 1/4 acre). This land has inherent problems as much of the area is wet. The developers are also proposing an on site sewer where the treated waste water will be stored in a community lake for reuse in the secondary water system. And Weber County or its assigns will provide sewer service.

Another proposed project is Trapper's Crossing which will be located on the old Trapper's loop road. Details are not available, but rumored to be some 80 acres with about 27 high dollar lots. There is also talk of expanding along the foothill to the east.

Still another will border the South boundary of Huntsville Town and is called "The Rivers." The proposal calls for 42 lots on about 55 acres. What happened to 3 acre zoning? This subdivision would be along the west side of Highway 39, west and south of the storage sheds and American Legion.

All of these developments plan to send their sewage to the Sewage system run by Weber County located on the Bison Creek Subdivision. Furthermore, the 16 acre lake full of processed sewage will be a playground, complete with a boat house. Let's dive in!

Stay tuned for more details....


Utah Peaknik said...

"What happened to 3 acre zoning?"

Sprawl takes its worst form when subdivisions are created with lots that big.

If you read the report on this website, you'll get a better idea of what I'm talking about than if I try to explain it myself:

Valley said...

Excellent article!

Believe it or not, we at the forum support and agree with cluster zoning, and the county commissioners seem to love it. The underlying fact is that the county zoning calls for 3 - 5 acre minimum depending on the zone, and while not positive (but 99.5% sure), the property in question falls within these two zones.

So, 55 acres should mean about 18 - 20 lots max depending on the bonus density for clustering, not the 42 lots that are being proposed. It seems as though the developers are trying to get more than twice the Zoned density, and that will certainly contribute to urban sprawl. We say no way!