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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Huntsville Ice Rink Open

By Richard Sorensen
Huntsville Town Council

I failed to get this info into the latest issue of the Ogden Valley News but want to spread the word that the Huntsville Ice Rink is up and running.

Please spread the word to your Ogden Valley friends and family.

Happy New Year.

The Ice Rink Is Open   

Conditions are improving daily as more layers of ice are added.  We will try to update the town website every couple of days with the latest ice conditions.

Ice Skate Rentals:
This year we will be offering  rentals thanks to the Weber Ice Sheet generously donating their old rental skates...

  • Skates are available at Texas Pride Barbecue during their normal business hours.  The price will be $2 to help cover Texas Prides costs.  To speed things up, visit, print out and complete a release of liability and take it to Texas Pride.  Be sure to take a deposit in the form of a Drivers license, credit card or lots of cash.
  • Not all sizes are available but we have supplied Texas Pride with at least one pair of each available size.  We have skates in most kids sizes, but have fewer choices above about a size 9 figure skate.  However, we do have hockey skates in the larger sizes.
  • Thanks to Texas Pride Barbecue for helping to make the skates available.

Group Skating

We will also try to accommodate groups with skate rentals.  Let us know if you would like to have a skate night or day for your youth, family or school group and we will arrange to have skates available for a night of fun.  Contact if you would like to arrange a skate night or day for your group.

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