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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ogden Valley Utah Forum

Ogden Valley Utah Forum
Well it looks like somebody finally did something to intervene with those poor sheep and horses over in Huntsville. This ridiculous and sickening situation's been allowed to go on way longer than it should have. Too much of a conflict of interest for the Mayor to address his own sister's problems? Congradulations to the people over there that finally took the initiave to bring it to the attention of someone or anyone for that matter outside the place that should have taken care of it - and along time ago. I got tired of taking the drive over to get to Trapppers. It was a public embarrassment that was ignored for way to long. Probably as long as the Mayor's been in Office over there?


Anonymous said...

What did they do to intervene? I guess I didn't notice.

Anonymous said...

Huntsville Town has no jurisdictionh over Susan McKay's property. This property is in Weber County. If you want to attack someone, don't attack Mayor McKay. This is a WEBER COUNTY issue!!

only twelve yrs here said...

cruelty is what it is these are Gods creatures

Tim Hansen said...

I would like to second what the anonymous individual said regarding how this situation is not a type of "favortism" by Mayor McKay to his sister. When was the last time you had the ability to cause a sibling to think and act like you?
Weber County has its area to be responsible for and Huntsville Town has its area. The two are not similar.
To the writer of the oruiginal blog I would ask that you try to refrain from making negative comments about others when they are not directly involved with said problem.
Take care and enjoy the day.

KThompson said...

Response to all concerned on who's responsibility the "sheep corner" rests with. First with the owner. If there's a problem, it rests upon family members to help first. It's called "Intervention". When I first moved up here - ignorant over 'boundaries', I spoke with the Mayor about this situation, unaware of the connection, at the time. All he said was that they were aware of it. The Public's Health and it's welfare are the responsiblity of ALL elected officials. For example: If a Weber County Sheriff's Officer sees an accident while he's driving in Davis County, and doesn't stop to give help because it "isn't his jurisdiction", how would you feel if you were the victim? It's the same thing. Many calls to the Health Department have been made by many citizens over the years because of the contamination that was draining directly into the Dam and downstream - aside from the condition of the animals -which would be Animal Services or Humane Societies. All include Weber County as well. Every one of these "entities" had a moral responsibility to help this person and these animals. It's sad to think someone thinks otherwise. To correct Durphy - the Town boundary is about 50 feet from the fenceline. Where do I go to get redress for the trauma it caused to watch one of those horses stomp a lamb who couldn't get away from it, to death, while I was coming around that corner from shopping in Eden? Who do I get to blame for that? How would people feel about letting their kids swim in water where a dead animal was decaying upstream from it? What if a child got sick from the bacteria this is creating? Who's responsible? I'd like to know why NO ONE has responded or "had the authority" to address this problem since I've been here. 10 years. I'm also with anonymous in the concern that it may still be allowed to continue, without further interventions by ALL the groups mentioned . . . which should NOT be excused. This is above all . . . a public issue, not one of "jurisdiction". The citizens who finally got response from someone who was "willing" to confront this should be the ones who should be receiving praise on this. Not defending ANYONE who could have done something, but chose not to. Looks to me that you've been de-sensitized to the problem like the rest of us were forced to be, to live with it? This person stated the truth - most people don't know where 'Huntsville' begins and where it ends. To many people up here, and those just traveling through, this whole side of the Valley is "Huntsville". If what they said was "negative", then so be it. . . It's a negative for the Town, regardless who has 'jurisdiction'. Think about it!